Optimize Your Child’s Development With the Total Kids GPS Approach

Developmental Pediatrics

The TOTAL KIDS Developmental Pediatric Resources GPS approach to providing developmental pediatric diagnostic and intervention services arose, over time, from direct work with children, and from comments and feedback from parents and caregivers, as well as from therapists, educators, and other professionals.

Parents and all who interact with their children, are offered a dynamic and integrated roadmap for recognizing, understanding, and managing children with differences, and the challenges in development and learning that can occur.

The Total Kids GPS approach is a holistic and eclectic one. It takes into account every child’s and family’s unique and individual areas of strengths and needs. The approach to evaluation and management addresses the following:

  • The child’s developmental level
  • The child’s learning style and profile
  • The child’s sensory and regulatory profile
  • The child’s past and present experiences
  • The child’s medical profile including birth, biological and genetic factors
  • Parenting skills
  • The family’s cultural beliefs
  • Parental experiences and expectations
  • Environmental milieu

The TOTAL KIDS Developmental Pediatric Resources approach maintains that:

  • Each child develops and learns in his/her own unique and individual way
  • Differences in development and learning can affect skill attainment, social interactions, academic progress, and behavior
  • Exclusive dependence on standardized test scores as a sole means of understanding a child’s challenges, is insufficient
  • Every individual who is actively involved in a child’s life contributes to both the evaluation and treatment processes

The Total Kids GPS approach is not limited to an office-based evaluation. It involves observation in venues where the child actually functions on a day-to-day basis. Placing a label on the child is not the focus. Understanding the symptoms, the behavioral manifestations and what they communicate, is essential in determining the necessary interventions.

Ultimately, creating a profile with a complete picture of the child and family is much more significant than any label. The key to a successful outcome is establishing an interdisciplinary team approach, and ongoing monitoring of progress to ensure that goals are always realistic and current.

The TOTAL KIDS Developmental Pediatric Resources GPS approach will lead to the formation of a plan of action that will offer a variety of services that can include occupational therapy, biomedical and nutritional consultation, educational approaches and guidance to a network of other related professionals and services in order to achieve maximal outcomes.

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